Government Green Incentives Scheme

February 23, 2009

I was reading the Sunday Times Home section (15/2/2009) and came across an article called The Big Green Giveaway.
Apparent the government are planning to introduce new schemes (after a 12 week consultation) to encourage homeowners to move more quickly to install carbon dioxide reducing technologies. They want to see at least one in four homes improve insulation and install solar heating, solar electricity, combine power and heat producing equipment etc.

One of the incentives is expected to be loans for this being tied to the house rather than the homeowner. This is an interesting idea - but I am not sure how the economics will work. I suppose it means that someone selling their house doesn’t have to recoupe all the capital outlay when they sell and conversely the new owner doesn’t have to find as much capital/mortgage to pay for it all straight away. However I am not sure how organisations providing the new mortgage will view the outstanding loan that comes with the house being bought.

To find out about the current wide range of incentives, the article also recommends going to the Energy Saving Trust’s Home Improvements page and searching for grants and offers.

A problem for people interested in doing DIY alternative energy projects is that all of these financial incentives seem to be tied to having the a commercial system installed by a certified installer. Perhaps we should be campaigning for DIYers to be offered incentives too.

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