Articles On Alternative, Renewable Energy and Eco/Green Issues

Lax Climate Change Scientist And Officials Results in IPCC False Report

If there is one thing that worries us at it is the irresponsible adoption of inadequately checked and tested data and 'scientific' reports by the climate change authorities including governments, the United Nations and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The truth is too important ...

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What An Energy Waste

The government has given permission for a very large gas powered electricity generating power station to go ahead ...

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Government Green Incentives Scheme

I was reading the Sunday Times Home section (15/2/2009) and came across an article called The Big Green Giveaway.
Apparent the government are planning to introduce new schemes (after a 12 week consultation) to encourage homeowners ...

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Fusion Power - Will It Save The World?

Last night I watched my recording of Tuesday’s BBC2 Horizon programme on the progress of the development of fusion power ...

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